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April 1, 2022

Recorded at The Record Company Studio B
on March 5, 2022

What do I even say about this one? We had 35 minutes left of studio time: the proposition was to record either one additional take of "In My Nature," or to use the time to record another Buford-esque free jam record. James came in as the voice of compromise, suggesting we do both in the same take. And that's exactly what we did. We recorded "In My Nature," but instead of stopping, we erupted, launching into 31 minutes of the most unhinged and explorative free rock to date. This puts our 2019/2020 jams to shame! Strap in.

- Jacob

Liz Siegel - bass
Jacob Keplinger - electric & acoustic guitar, synthesizers, keys, percussion
Justin Siegel - drums, voices

Mixed + Mastered by Jacob Keplinger
Cover photography by Free Rock.

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