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FREE ROCK is a psychedelic rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. The band's current members are

Jacob Keplinger (guitar), Liz Siegel (bass), Jackson Keplinger (keys), and Elliott Eastman (drums).

Founded in 2019 as THE FREE ROCK TRIO, the band released six studio albums with their original lineup of Jacob Keplinger, Liz Siegel, and Justin Siegel (Free Rock, Buford, Gone Wild, New Threads is Dead, Milk, Northern Terrace) before bringing in Jacob's younger brother Jackson on keys in April 2022. This quartet released another five albums (Free Rock National ParkDirty DiscoBuford's RevengeReal Life, & Free Rock II) before Justin left the band a little over a year later in June 2023. However, it didn't take long to fill the position; in August, Elliott Eastman (a longtime friend of Jacob's) made his debut with the group and the new lineup released their first record together in early 2024 titled Free Rock Express

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