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August 18, 2023

Recorded at The Record Company Studio A
on June 3rd, 2023

Justin and I first started making records together as New Threads, and once we moved from Tennessee back to our home state of Massachusetts and began making music as Free Rock, I figured our time together would be infinite. But naturally our visions began to clash, and he announced his departure from the group on June 3, 2023. That day, we happened to have a session booked for Studio A at The Record Company, where we had initially planned to begin work on a third season of Bootleg Series. But with the news, we figured there was only one appropriate way to cap off this era of the band: by making yet another studio record. Four free jams followed by a day of synthesizer-heavy overdubs turned into the psychedelic, jazzy explosion that is Free Rock II. There was truly no other way to part. 

- Jacob

Justin Siegel - drums
Jackson Keplinger - keys, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, voices
Liz Siegel - bass, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, voices
Jacob Keplinger - electric & acoustic guitar, synthesizers, rain stick, guitalele, percussion, voices

Mixed + Mastered by Jacob Keplinger
Cover photography by Free Rock.

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