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March 9, 2023

Recorded at The Record Company Studio B
on January 7, 2023

It's war! The tyrannous King Buford has, for the first time in his seemingly infinite rule over the supercontinent Guyamar, sensed a challenger on the horizon... but who? Across the great Schleizer desert in a commune known as The Hills, the journeyed adventurer Rock Anderson has arrived at long last after passing through the portal at Space Jamaica. This album, told through the perspective of King Buford, follows the events that lead to the start of The Great War, and after a brief time jump, the events that concluded it. The war itself... that's a story for another time. But before it happens, Rock's arrival in Guyamar sends the King through a serious moment of self-doubt, and it takes a meeting with an all-powerful being known as The Maruchan Man to lift his spirits.

We recorded this album after wrapping Dirty Disco and finding ourselves with a few extra hours of studio time. Tracked live as a free jam a la Milk, we returned to the studio with this new jam and wrote lyrics over it, taking the technique pioneered on "Perseverance" and "Eyelid" and taking it to new heights. This is my favorite album we've made (so far)!

- Jacob

Justin Siegel - drums
Jackson Keplinger - keys
Liz Siegel - bass
Jacob Keplinger - electric & acoustic guitar, synthesizers, percussion, voices

Mixed + Mastered by Jacob Keplinger
Cover art by Nick Burchard.

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